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14 Best Balance Bikes in the World

Back in the days, learning to ride a bicycle meant sitting on a pedal bike with two small wheels attached to the back axle. But things have changed these days as parents are turning away from ride-on toys and towards balance bikes for toddlers Unlike traditional pedal bikes for kids, which only taught us to pedal a tricycle, balance bikes ditches that theory. It is still a two-wheeled bike but minus the pedals. It features…

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10 Best Mini Bmx Bikes of 2019

When choosing the best mini bmx bike, you will likely notice that the features don’t vary too much on the models available. This article is going to look at the most minute details on each mini bmx to find the differences in features that might affect their comfort and performance. While some of these bikes are designed for kids a lot of them are exactly as the name suggests, they are bmx bikes for adults…

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