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18 Best Adult Kick Scooters [2019 Reviews]

The argument of the best adult kick scooter, who made the call and said that scooters are only for kids? Whoever they were they were completely wrong. As human beings we love the sensation of gliding, that longing has been targeted by so many different forms of recreation and transportation. Think roller blades, ice skates, skis, snowboards, electric skateboards and of course scooters. Just because you’re an adult that desire to glide doesn’t go away…

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Razor A6 Review – 2019’s Best New Kick Scooter?

Razor is the godfather of the entire kick scooter industry. They brought the foldable kick scooter to the forefront in the early 2000’s and killed the toy scene. Back in those days, the tiny, janky, rattling hunks of aluminum would demand $150 each! Insane to even think about when you can afford to buy something like the Razor A6 Scooter for less than that. As it stands the Razor A6 is the follow up to…

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