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Envy Prodigy S6 Complete Pro Scooter ,

Envy Scooters newest Prodigy is probably the nicest one yet! Hailed by all of the Envy pro riders like Raymond Warner, Derek Seay, Jon Reyes and Wazzeh. Envy claims that the Prodigy is the #1 freestyle scooter in the world. Though we’re not completely sold on that claim the Envy Prodigy is a very good combination of style and high quality components. Where the Envy Prodigy really shines and stands out from the other pro scooter completes out there is the finishing touches and details. As a group Envy always put the cherry on top of their scooters in a way that other brand just cannot at this point in time. They also tend to be just a step ahead of other brands when it comes to trends and colorways. The “Splatter” colorway on this years Envy Prodigy is a prime example.


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