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Complete Pro Scooters

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complete pro scooters

Complete pro scooters are an excellent choice for riders just getting started. For a beginner, it might be too difficult to hand select every component on their pro scooter. The complete is a viable option because it’s a quick way to jump into the sport of scootering. When buying a complete you get everything you need to start riding and at a much better price than if each part is bought separately. In the last few years, the quality of products in the scooter market has improved dramatically making many of the complete scooters good enough for pro riders right out of the box.

#1 Top Pick Fuzion Z300
  • 🛴 🛴 WHAT IF YOU COULD GET AN ELITE LEVEL STUNT SCOOTER FOR LESS? WELL NOW YOU CAN! The Z300 pro scooter by Fuzion is the best scooter for the Beginner to Intermediate rider. Your riding keeps getting better, so get the scooter that takes you to the next level. You just can't beat the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter.
  • 💪 BUILT TOUGH FOR ROUGH KIDS! What do kids love most about the Fuzion Z300? They can ride it hard just like the pros! That's because our top trick scooters are packed with custom components! Solid 110mm Alloy Core Wheels Wrapped in 88A PU, with a Smooth Responsive Nylon Brake, our Chisel One-Piece Fork & Larger Chromoly Drift Riser Bar (23" x 22") for a more comfortable ride, with a deck ¼" wider than our Z250, no tricks are too big! Our pro riders ride it hard too!
  • 😍 THE ENVY OF THE SKATE PARK: While everyone else rattles around on those other scooters, your kids will look ultra cool on their Fuzion Z300 with its sleek design, New CNC'd Headtube Cut-Out, smooth glide and fresh graphics! Because that's what a TRUE Stunt Scooter Kid really wants - to look professional! Choose your favorite color or our most popular Black and Red Z300 Scooter- but just a pro tip, kids love the "Guts" graphic wrapped Scooter the most.
  • 🔩 EASY TO PUT TOGETHER: We've heard the stories too, stunt scooters arriving damaged! So, the Fuzion Z300 comes securely packaged to avoid disappointment. When it arrives, the only thing you need to do is tighten two bolts because the Z300 comes already dialed!

We hand select our inventory to include scooters for every need and skill level. If you are a beginner we’ve got you covered, the Fuzion Z250 pro scooter is a great entry level scooter. Even if you are more advanced Fuzion’s Z350 complete will have the dimensions and components that meet your demands.

Wide Variety of Complete Pro Scooters

Pro Scooters Mart hand selects every single complete scooter that we endorse and sell. We don’t promote any brands that aren’t reputable, nor do we take in any products that view as bad deals for the customer. With that said we know what the consumer wants, and we keep our stock built up, so you can get the scooters you want when you want them. We carry all the leading pro scooter brands including but not limited to:

  • Chilli – Famously known in the European market Chilli pro scooters is gaining popularity in the USA day by day. Their line up of scooters consist of 8 different models including the Reaper, Shredder, Sub-Zero, and Izzy completes.
  • Crisp – is based on scooters that high quality with looks to match. The company is in the forefront of the industry in Australia and is popping up in scooter shops all across the world. If you like their aesthetic you won’t be disappointed in a Crisp scooter.
  • District – has one of the more exciting brands in the market for 2018. With an elite level team and high-end product to match District is for sure one to watch.
  • Dominator – has been known as a lower end entry level brand and not much has changed. People ask for Dominator scooters so we carry them to make our clientele happy. These scooters are well built and have a fair price tag.
  • Fuzion – is the peoples brand. Their latest products are arguably the best available. The Z-Series looks amazing, is well made and priced perfectly. Anyone wanting a Fuzion can get one with their features and price points you can’t beat them.
  • Grit – Strives to make the most advanced pro scooters on the market, they offer a solid collection of completes including the Atom, Extremist, Fluxx and Tremor. One thing that is cool about Grit is that they offer their completes in the “Mini” size which is great for younger riders.
  • Lucky – Once the main USA based brand Lucky is one of the OGs in the industry. They have arguably the biggest names on their team including Jon Marcos Gaydos and Cody Flom.
  • North – Based up in Canada North scooters represents the independent movements in scootering. They are a mostly street based brands with innovative parts.
  • Phoenix – was one of the original innovators of the scooter market, their Reventon deck they released  was the original forged deck.
  • Ride 858 – has landed on the scene making a big splash, one of the things to admire about Ride is how they launched with signature wheels for their pro team which shows their dedication to the riders.
envy one complete
envy prodigy complete pro scooter

Sweet complete pro scooters huh?! Our selection of scooters covers the needs of any rider. From beginners to elite level riders and if you need to learn more before making a purchase feel free to check out our product reviews. The Envy Prodigy is always a fan favorite but other models like the Fuzion Z300 are serious contenders for the best value in complete scooters. For the more advanced rider or for the person who likes to build their own custom scooter check out our parts selection and hand select each component yourself.

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