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The electric skateboard industry is pretty huge. Thus, it is not surprising to see well-developed products being released every now and then. Names like the Boosted Board may ring a bell to most enthusiasts. But there’s more to this world than that. Ever heard of the Halo Board 2 for instance? The brand is gaining attention, thanks to its high-quality build and superb performance. DESIGN AND BUILD Perhaps one of the most intriguing features of…

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Best Electric Skateboards Reviewed for 2019

Check out electric keyboards, the latest innovation in transportation. Here, we discuss what sets them apart from your average skateboard, the advantages, and disadvantages, as well as the best electric skateboards on the market right now. Electric Skateboards Introduction Almost everything has gone electric these days. From typewriters to desktop computers, and landline telephones to mobile cellular phones – it is incredible how much technology has transformed our world. Even if we don’t have flying…

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Best Longboards Buyers/Review Guide for 2019

Welcome to our best longboards buyer’s/review guide, we’re going to take you from A to Z in the world of longboards so you’ll know everything you need to know before buying your first longboard (or one for a family member or friend). This is a no judgement zone, therefore we’ll start with the basics of what makes a longboard a longboard and then we’ll compare various other styles of skateboards to see if they actually…

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13 Best Penny Boards for 2019

How to pick the best penny board: When we talk about transportation, speed and cost-efficiency are important factors in this fast-paced world. There are many choices to choose from, and one of the most popular is penny skateboards. For ordinary onlookers, everything you ride and skate on is just a skateboard. But in the skateboarding world, there are actually different types of boards, and each offers a unique riding experience. There are skateboards, cruiser skateboards, electric…

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