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best electric bikes

Introduction to the Best Electric Bikes Reviewed

I have loved biking ever since I was a kid! They are an eco-friendly, cheap and healthy form of transport. But riding a bike through the city from one point to another can get really tiring. Sometimes you would wish you could go faster, but that all depends on how much energy you have, and how fast you can pedal. The solution? Here comes the amazing electric bike!

There are plenty of electric bikes on the market, but you need the best ones to suit your needs and budget. For the best electric bike, you would need a combination of value and performance, but that’s not the only thing you need to consider. They have different prices and features, so in choosing an electric bike you have to consider the intended use, budget, weight, as well as height.

We are getting ahead of ourselves! Before we get to the best electric bikes, you need to know what an electric bike is in the first place.

What is an Electric Bike?

More and more people are using electric forms of transportation. I’m sure you have seen electric scooters and motorcycles around the streets, but what about electric bikes?

Electric bikes have a built in motor powered by electricity, not gas. They are either built into the front or rear wheel hub. The motor lets you accelerate as if you were driving a motorcycle with the use of a trigger. The bike still might be powered by humans, unlike motorcycles, but it gives you that extra “oomf”, allowing you to go much faster than you ordinarily could. It is like your standard bike, but upgraded!

In some electric bikes, acceleration happens when you press a button found on the handlebars. Others are pedal-assisted, so you accelerate whenever you pedal. Personally, I prefer pedal-assist electric bikes because it’s much more like a normal bike, letting you control the speed with your feet.

They are much safer than motorcycles. You will not be able to get to speeds like 45 mph, however this makes things much safer for you on the road. On an electric bike, you can hit speeds up to 28 mph, so commute is faster but you can still enjoy the sights.

So now that you know what an electric bike is,  let’s talk about how you can use one!

How to Use an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are pretty much like ordinary bikes, except it comes with a motor. You can still turn the pedals, but the motors send power to your bike so you can go much faster with ease. As long as you already know how to use a standard bike, riding an electric one will relatively be easy.

Another thing you should consider when riding an electric bike is the battery. It’s what powers the bike! As long as the battery is fully-charged, you can use the bike’s acceleration feature. If the battery is dead, you would have to bike like you normally do. That’s actually a pretty handy feature. Think of it this way. When your phone’s battery dies, you can’t use it anymore (unless you need a paperweight). But with an electric bike, you can still go around at your normal pace even when you are out of juice.

Engaging power depends on the kind of electric bike you have, so make sure you check the instructions that come with your bike. If you own a throttle electric bike, you just need to press a button to go faster. For you to go slower, remove your hand from the throttle. Pedal-assisted electric bikes, on the other hand, let you go faster as long as you are pedaling. The level of assistance that pedal-activated bikes give can usually be assisted on an LCD screen found on the bike.

Sounds easy, right? If you are interested in getting an electric bike for yourself, you would need to do a lot of research to find out which one suits you. There are plenty to choose from on the market, but with all the choices, narrowing the selection down can be difficult. We will discuss the best electric bikes we have on the market now to help you with your decision.

Top 5 Fastest Electric Bikes


Levo FSR Electric Mountain E-Bike


The Levo FSR is a pedal-assisted e-bike that performs consistently on trails.The frame looks clean, compared to bulkier electronic bikes, because of how well integrated the motor and battery are.

The motor is very quiet when we tested it out. Changing directions was smooth, as well as simply driving down the road. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to other e-bikes that are sluggish and heavy. With how nimble the Levo FSR is, it’s still stable so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing balance.

One thing we love about the Levo FSR is how versatile it is when it comes to performance. It works great on open terrains and downhill, making it a very agile e-bike. The tires also grip impressively in corners as well as provide traction. When it comes to uphill climbing, it works well BUT pedal assistance will stop when you stop pedaling. You could lose your momentum and can feel quite jolting.

The Levo FSR works perfectly in terms of controls. The power button found on the integrated battery’s downtube turns the e-bike on and off with a simple push. You can also change the support settings, which come in three modes, by pressing buttons found near the power or the buttons on the handlebar. This makes adjusting the mode easy when you’re riding.

The only problem is that it doesn’t come with a digital display. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to tell what the speed or battery life is at a quick glance. Despite how amazing the e-bike’s performance is, this is a huge setback when it comes to user friendliness.

You will only be able to tell if the battery is low when the ring of LED lights around the power light up. If you are riding the e-bike, it can be hard to tell considering the location of the LED lights. You’d need to stop from time to time just to check.

This mountain e-bike has 504Wh when it comes to battery storage capacity, which is pretty close to other e-bikes. You can bike longer with the Levo compared to other e-bikes on full battery, but you have to understand that rider weight, terrain, and temperature can affect how fast the battery depletes.




Low gravity center

Long battery life

Sleek appearance

Has water bottle holder


Great distance range

Awesome downhill performance

Power assist cuts off abruptly

No digital display

Expensive at $5,500

Aventon Pace 500

The Aventon Pace 500 is a pedal-assisted e-bike, but also has a throttle so you can have options to go much faster. It looks like your typical commuter bike, except for the display unit, semi-integrated battery, and rear hub motor. The overall look is cohesive and smooth, with durable materials.

It’s miles away from the Levo FSR when it comes to price (that is about a $4000 difference), but that does not mean the Aventon Pace can’t function just as well. The 500-watt speed motor lets you hit a speedy 28 mph. It is quite fast for an e-bike, but the motor starts to get noisy and the pedaling cadence significantly increases.

You would not even need to pedal if you hit the throttle, as long as you can keep your thumb on it. This is a great feature when you’re out in open terrain, but not so much in busy city streets when you need to hit the brake often.

You can toggle through different pedal assist levels found next to the handlebars to control how fast you want to go. Riding is very casual and comfortable, giving the Aventon Pace a very easy-going feel. Despite that, it’s a high performer. In lower assist levels, you can cruise through the neighborhood casually. On higher levels, you can make moderate climbs and go fast on flat roads. If you’re walking up stairs or hills, the walk mode also comes in handy.

Another thing we really enjoyed about this e-bike is how customizable the display is. You get all the functions at a glance, like the distance of your trip, what mode is engaged, as well as your current speed, and more.

A fully-charged battery can get you roughly 30 to 50 mile range, and around 4 hours to charge. You can charge it off the bike, or on, which is great news for people who can’t park their bikes next to an outlet. Riders can leave the e-bike on a bike rack and go in a cafe for a drink, charging the battery in the closest outlet.




Cheap at $1,400

Big digital display

Different pedal-assist modes

High speed and range

Comfortable riding

High pedaling cadence

Motor noise


Raleigh Redux IE

At $3,000, the Raleigh Redux IE performs like an e-bike but does not look like one! The electric bike’s battery is hidden in the downtube, so you wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s an e-bike right away. Less chunky like standard bikes, this one looks simple, designed with the average commuter in mind.

The clean build allows the bike to be more nimble. You can reach up to 28 mph with a range of 80 miles max, even if the motor is only 250 watts. Tardy people rejoice! You’ll be able to cruise the streets much faster with ease. If you’re riding down wet or bumpy streets, the wide tires can give more traction and stability. With your safety as a top concern, the Raleigh Redux IE also has integrated lights at the rear and front for any of you night riders.

Its thru-axles creates more efficient energy transfer as well as a more comfortable ride on bumpy terrain. This is because of how it can keep the wheels rigid. How stiff the bike is might feel weird for other riders, but you can compare it to a car with rigid suspensions. The tires are in better contact with the road, and you can also handle the bike better.

The bike also features mounting points for a rear rack as well as a bottle cage, which furthers its position as the perfect commuter bike. Plus, it’s easy to carry because of the open and wide frame and the light weight. You can carry it up stairs or onto a train with less hassle compared to heavier e-bikes.

At 5.7 lbs, the Lithium-ion battery is huge and takes 5 hours to charge. The great news is it comes with the 4-amp Bosch fast charger, which lessens the charging time by half. You can also remove the battery and charge it in a restaurant, at your office, or inside your home. Extreme temperatures can affect battery life, so it’s better to ride the e-bike when it’s not so cool or hot outside.




Big battery life

Great weight distribution

Better traction and stability

Lightweight and portable

Simple design

Noisy motor

More rigid

Long charging time if you don’t have the fast charger


Tuesday August Live! LS

This cute beach cruiser is another cheaper option on the list at only $1,400. Considering the price, it has less features than more expensive e-bikes. It might not have a torque sensor motor, integrated lights, nor a customizable display unit, but it’s still good enough for the casual rider.

One of the most affordable bikes on the market, it’s not fancy with super-integrated designs. You can find the battery mounted simply on the downtube, but that doesn’t take away any of the e-bikes good looks (it has polkadots!). If you take a closer look at the LCD display, you’ll see that it only shows the assist level, battery life, and on/off mode. Although this might not be much, it’s a lot better compared to the Levo FSR that doesn’t even have a display.

The 250-watt rear hub motor can get noisy, but it isn’t that noticeable. It uses a cadence sensor instead of a torque sensor. In regular human speak, this means it will not matter how hard you will pedal. It will only go as fast as your current assist level when you are pedaling. Once you exceed the top speed of 20 mph, it’ll cut off but you can still keep going. It will just take more effort on your part. But hey, it’s great exercise anyway!

I like how anyone can use the Tuesday August Live. You can adjust the height of the seat with the quick-release seat clamp, so it won’t matter whether you’re short or tall. Once you’ve adjusted the height, you can start cruising. When you’re on the e-bike, you can feel how laid-back it is. It is a very relaxed ride, even if you’re going up and down steep climbs. Plus, the disc brakes are very reliable. You’ll be completely fine in case of any sudden stops.

It takes about 5 to 6 hours for the Tuesday’s battery to fully charge. You can get up to 20 miles on this juice. That might not be far enough for some of you bikers, but it’s good enough for anyone who’s just making a short trip. If you are traveling at night, this e-bike doesn’t have any integrated lights, but you can always buy attachable ones for your e-bike.




Cheap at $1400

Good for climbing and descending

Relaxed cruising

Adjustable seat

Reliable disc brakes

No integrated lights

Simple display unit

Noisy motor

Cadence sensor might be a con for those that want to go even faster


Blix Vika Travel

The Blix Vika Travel is a compact folding e-bike that weighs only 38 pounds. You can thank the aluminum alloy frame for that! Because the tires are only 16 inches, the electric bike packs down small. It also comes with a canvas carry bag so you can take it around stylishly. Despite the small size, the stem and seat post can conform to riders of different sizes.

You only need to shell out $1500 for this foldable bike. Unlike the other e-bikes we’ve listed with noisy motors, the efficient 250-watt front hub motor runs quietly and smoothly enough with the help of the smaller wheels. The 7-speed gearing lets you pedal even without electric assistance, with brakes that can override the motor so you don’t spin out of balance.

It comes with four pedal assist levels and a throttle up to 17mph. However, the throttle is always active so you need to be careful, especially if you’re in an area with heavy traffic. Without the throttle, you can maintain at most 20mph with the assist modes.

Climbing up is no stress at all either, because of the 3-geared hub. The amazing hub can give you great freewheeling without slowing you down, instantaneous power, and work well with the throttle. It won’t interfere with your steering much, so riding around is very smooth.

The battery can last up to 30 miles, which is 10 miles more than the Tuesday August. Turning it on and off can take two steps though. As long as you don’t forget the second step when you’re shutting the e-bike down, you can save up the battery.

You know you’ll be safe when you’re riding the Blix Vika Travel. It has reflective tires, an independent backlight, and an integrated headlight to keep you well-lit and visible when you are traveling down dark streets.

The LCD display is informative, showing an odometer, trip meter, range, as well as speed. You have the option of turning it on and off. Once it’s on, the throttle goes live. You need to be careful when you fold, dismount, and mount the bike.




3-geared hub makes climbing and steering easy

Lightweight and foldable

Cheap at $1500

Smooth and quiet motor

Only available in one color and frame size

Can only go up to 17mph with throttle

Throttle is always active

Conclusion: Buying an Electric Bike

And that’s the top 5 electric bikes we have for you. Whatever your choice is, make sure you get an e-bike that fits your unique needs. Do you go on mountain trails a lot? Would you like to bike for work? Are you going to use it recreationally? The answers to these questions can help you pick out the best electric bike for you.

Whether you are a hardcore cyclist or looking for a gentler way to bike, I hope the list I’ve prepared helped you get the perfect one. Now excuse me, I have to bike to work!