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Not every trampoline is the same, and as a buyer, you should keep that in mind. There are tons of trampolines available in the market such as spring-free trampoline, oval trampoline, and rectangle trampoline. Would you believe there are even trampolines with a basketball hoop?

With the holidays just around the corner, and school is about to go on break, it seems like it is the best time to wrap a trampoline as a gift. It would surely entertain both children and adults for hours!

But as mentioned, there are different kinds of trampolines and nobody wants to bounce onto the wrong one. So, we did your assignment for you and made a list of the best trampolines you can buy. Here’s our shortlist which is immediately followed by the full extensive report! Enjoy!

Top 3 Backyard Trampolines

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline


This trampoline is made with safety in mind. In fact, it meets the standard set by the American Society for Testing and Materials, which issues an ASTM certificate.

It features a high-density net with a concave design. Supporting the net are a 12-padded, curved, and galvanized steel enclosure. Other notable features are the push-pin bolt technology and machine welding work.

It is packed with 8.5-inch premium springs that are cold-dipped in ionic zinc to ensure you can jump safely all day long. The springs are safe from early rusting and corrosion and are proven to be more durable and bouncier.  

To show that they are confident with the product, SkyBound offers a 10-year frame warranty. Abuse it or love it, this trampoline can really withstand the test of times.


  • UV-resistant safety pad
  • Easy to assemble
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards
  • Available in three sizes (12-, 14-, and 15-foot models)
  • Perfect for families and kids 6 years old and above


  • A little expensive than other trampoline brands

Skywalker Round Trampoline

The round trampoline from Skywalker is a family-friendly toy on your background. It can accommodate kids 6 years and above with a 200 lbs weight capacity.

To ensure absolute safety for both young and old jumpers, this trampoline features a reinforced T-sockets, which stabilizes and prevents structural twisting from happening. Also, it boasts of a patented button-hole, which attaches the enclosure netting to the jumping surface on every V-ring eliminating gaps.


  • Durable
  • Holds firmly in the yard regardless of weather conditions
  • Can hold up to 4 to 5 people all at once
  • Price-worthy


  • Requires time and effort to set-up


Zupapa Trampoline

Although its quality is already good enough, the 2019 Zupapa trampoline boasts of a much safer feature, thanks to its no-gap jumping mat design. It gets rid of the gaps between the jump mat and spring pad. In short, Zupapa’s safety is way better than any other TUV standards. It has a TUV certificate.

The Zupapa trampoline has also integrated the hot-dip galvanizing process to ensure that both the frame and net pole last for years. Also, a UV-9 absorber was added to the material, paid, and net.


  • Comes with ladder equipped with in-safety pads
  • Includes a cover to protect against rain
  • Available in different sizes (15, 14, 12, and 10 feet)
  • Provides 10-year frame warranty
  • Heavy-duty frame


  • Needs a little time and effort to assemble


Springfree Trampoline

This sleek and stylish square trampoline will surely make a lovely addition to a kid-friendly backyard. Its soft bounce experience will allow both new and experienced bouncers to enjoy.

Now, from the brand name itself, this trampoline truly is free from springs. This patented (and brilliant) design helps get rid of more than 90% of all product-related injuries. As parents, you don’t have to worry about your kids being hit or stuck by dangerous springs. What’s more, it features a flexible frame that is impossible to fall on.


  • Features a double powder coated galvanized steel frames
  • UV-resistant polypropylene nets and mats
  • Built to last on different weather conditions


  • Requires time to assemble
  • Non-user friendly instructional manual


Merax Round Trampoline

Even bouncing all day is not fun enough, the Merax round trampoline has a basketball hoop for you to play with. But its key feature lies on its durability. Each piece of this trampoline is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel that is wrapped with weather-proofed padding. Rain or shine, this trampoline will survive.

Unlike most trampolines, the Merax has six legs to ensure stability. It also has a higher weight limit at 330 lbs. This means both parent and kid can play at the same time and shoot a few hoops with peace of mind.


  • A bang for the bucks
  • Resilient
  • High 300 lbs weight limit


  • A little difficult to assemble and take down


Jumpsport Staged Bounce Rectangle Trampoline

Unlike your usual round trampoline, the Jumpsport is a total space saver. It takes up less space, making it ideal for those who own a smaller backyard.

It also has incredible safety features that will ensure a safe child play. As a matter of fact, this baby boasts of a two backup support system to prevent collapse. It does not have any zippers to be worried about plus it has an overlapping design that is easy for your kid to slip on.

The Staged Bounce’s safety net poles also feature vinyl pole sleeves and the mat is made from Permatron jumping mat fabric, which is one of the frontrunners in this industry.


  • No zipper that is prone to breaking
  • 40” ground clearance for jumping
  • High-quality material with great bouncing experience
  • Award-winning Triple-Fail-Safe safety enclosure
  • Open-weave net design


  • Price is quite hefty


Ultega Trampoline

If you are looking for a small-sized trampoline, then the Ultega will serve you well. This German-made product is guaranteed to be of utmost quality.

This sleek-looking trampoline features unique engineered legs that are almost not seen on any other trampoline brands. Its legs are actually bent outward to prevent it from tipping over. The Ultegra Trampoline is composed of a galvanized steel frame, durable enclosure net, and eight padded steel poles.

It also has a whole lot of other accessories to add on. For instance, you can opt to add a ladder or rain covers. It also comes in different sizing options, with the smallest at 6 ft and largest at 14 ft.


  • Made in Germany
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Available in five sizing options
  • Pads added to protect against the 88 springs
  • Leg design prevents tipping


  • Unique leg design consumes more space


Giantex Trampoline

Although relatively new in the market, Giantex knows how to play against huge industry players. It has six U-shaped legs that disperse more gravity and maintain the stability of the trampoline. The safety enclosure netting is safely attached to the steel tubes via foam sleeves.

Assembling this baby is no sweat, and several accessories are included like a jumping mat and ladder. It has a solid frame construction, with galvanized rust-resistant steel. The Giantex also has heavy duty PP jumping mat that gives you a sense of security when jumping around.



  • The whole base part contains 180 springs
  • Weight capacity is up to 375 lbs
  • Bouncy enough to allow you to do flips


  • User manual can be a bit confusing
  • It’s too big it arrives in separate boxes


ORCC Trampoline

Although relatively new on the market, this player does not want to be left behind. ORCC holds a TUV certification, which checks the structure design and material composition of the product to ensure the safety of its users.

This baby boasts of a rust-resistant galvanized material, which is way stronger than other trampolines. It is composed of 108 pieces of 7-inch galvanized springs to ensure optimum bounce and rust resistant.

It also has a 0.8-inch, heavy duty jumping pad with UV protection polypropylene feature. In addition, its weight capacity can reach up to 330 lbs. When purchased, accessories such as galvanized steel ladder, rain cover, safety closure, and U-shaped wind stake are included.


  • Easy to assemble with no drilling needed
  • User-friendly instructions


  • Most reviewers have nothing to say because it is still new.


Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Round Trampoline

This trampoline is probably included in every top trampoline reviews I have read by far. This is a commercial-grade product, and it definitely is built and feels like one. However, for an average-earning family, the price can be steep. But if the cost is not the problem, then we suggest you give this a look.

When we talk about the frame, this has one of the best there is. It has a 3-millimeter galvanized steel tubing that gives support to jumpers up to 550 lbs! And Happy Trampoline, the maker, is so confident of its product it is offering a lifetime warranty.

One of the most common problems in buying a trampoline is obtaining replacement parts. The good news is that accessories of Happy Trampoline are easily within reach. Overall, this may sound like expensive at first, but in the end, the price is reasonable.



  • 550 lbs weight capacity
  • Comes with long 9” springs
  • 2.2 mm thick, commercial grade, heavy duty 6-leg stabilizer frame
  • Patented stay-put enclosure net
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Safe for beginners and young kids
  • Perfect for gymnastic training


  • Price is too steep for most people


What are the things I need to consider when buying a trampoline?

Springs or no springs

In the list, only one brand offers a spring-free trampoline. It is more expensive than the usual trampolines, but anyone who has tried slipping through the springs would understand the compromise.

Trampolines with springs are still great. Just make sure you pick those that have thick pads to avoid hard edges and potential injuries.


Trampolines come in different shapes. Round ones are great for home use and are cheaper and lighter than other shapes. However, you might need to stay more in the center to bounce.

Rectangular ones are most commonly used by gymnastics and in competitions as they are bouncy in almost the entire parameter. But they are heavier and expensive.

Meanwhile, square-sized trampolines have a firmer bounce. This means that the overall jumping height is less so there are more lift and a firmer bounce.


A smaller trampoline provides more bounce but lesser surface area. Also, consider the size of your backyard and see what trampoline size will fit best on the available space. Make sure that the location of the trampoline is free from hazards like a tree or electrical line that can pose safety issues or even leaf collection during fall.


Quality, quality, quality

Backyard trampolines need to stand the test of time. Remember, it is placed on the backyard so it should survive rain or shine. Consider getting a jumping pad that has UV wear and tear protection.

The quality of the frame and welding is also a huge factor to consider. Go for a trampoline that uses a high-quality galvanized anti-rust steel frame. A perfectly welded trampoline is also a necessity to ensure durability. You don’t want your trampoline to collapse or break down a mid-jumping session, right?

What accessories are available for a trampoline?

There are a lot of trampoline accessories available on the market. Some are included in the package, while others need to be bought individually. A few of the interesting ones are as follows:

  • Trampoline ladders to help kids get onto and off the trampoline safely.
  • Spring pulling tools that help pull springs easily during installation.
  • Trampoline covers to protect it against extreme weather conditions.
  • Trampoline basketball hoops to keep the trampoline game more fun and interesting.

Trampoline Final Conclusion 

Most of the kids these days are on their gadgets, and we believe trampolines are one of the best ways to encourage them to go out and actually play. As parents, it is understandable that we have some safety concerns and that’s why we did this review for you. Remember, creating these fun memories during their childhood years are irreplaceable so make the best out of it. Besides, if you get the big ones, you can join the fun.

So again, when buying a trampoline, make the safety features a top priority. Also, check all the other things to consider above and list down the features that will suit you best. Don’t worry, we are pretty sure there is a trampoline for every price point and expectations. We believe you will be able to find just the right trampoline for you and your kids.